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CarpPro Flavors

CarpPro Flavors

Designed by CarpPro's own Keith Cisney,  CarpPro's line of bait flavors and sprays are traditional paylake flavors... But with a twist!

Developed with high quality food-grade flavors and only top quality ingredients, Keith has been working with a laboratory in North Carolina to develop flavors that have just the right consistency to spray through a nozzle but still stick to a puff or pack like liquid silk!

 These flavors hauled under testing, and continue to do so!   They are putting some serious fish on the bank already and consistently winning spots and hitting jugs on select ponds in the Carolinas. 

And consistency is the key. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that flavor concentrations change, the colors change, or even the quality degrades. We've taken care of that and you'll never get a CarpPro flavor that is any different in quality, consistency and concentration from the first batch to the last. 

Our wildwaterpro-staffers and  field testers havealso been taking their own waters apart with these flavors.

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Carppro Carp Flavors
  Carppro Liquid Flavors/Sprays Designed by CarpPro's own Keith Cisney,  CarpPro's l..
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